Games We Play II..


(The Master's Apprentices - 1972)___________

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  1. Games We Play II:

    And he raised his head
    Looked down upon the people
    His great voice said
    When love beckons, follow
    Though the path sometimes seems
    steep and hard
    Be old and let the soft wings
    enfold you
    Though the sword hidden among
    the pinion may cut deep
    When the voice speaks to you believe
    For the voice may shatter your dreams
    As the north wind lays waste
    to the garden
    For as love is your growth, so it is
    your pruning
    As it ascends to your height and
    caresses your tenderest branches that
    quiver in the sun
    So it shall descend to your roots
    and shake them in their clinging
    to the earth
    All these things shall love do
    unto you
    As you may know your secrets
    of the heart
    And in that knowledge become a fragment
    of life's heart
    Go into the seasonless world
    Where you laugh not all you laughter
    and weep not all your tears
    For love gives naught but itself
    and takes naught but from itself
    Think not you can direct the course
    of love
    For if it finds you worthy will
    direct your course
    Love has no desire but to fulfil itself
    To melt and be like a running brook